NOTICE registration methods (EN)


Registration and payment methods:

From November 15, 2019 until March 1, 2020, teams can register online on the Comiti HoplaCup website by following this link and by paying a fee, right of engagement of 195 €, payable by transfer to the account whose BANK Details appears at the bottom of this document or by credit card. The reference on the transfer is COMMITMENT + club name in full (not abbreviated).

Note: Registration is done in 3 steps on Comiti:

  • Step 1: Create the account from today until March 1, 2020
  • Step 2: Team commitment to the tournament from today until March 1st, 2020 (depending   on availability)
  • Step 3: Registration of players, coaches and official coaches until March 15, 2020

Registrations will be made in order of arrival, taking into account the date of registration on the Comiti HoplaCup website and the payment of the entry fees. An invoice will be issued automatically by the software after payment of the commitment fee.

The teams will receive by email a message confirming their registration. In the event of withdrawal, the entry fees can not be refunded.

The tournament can accommodate up to 32 teams. The first 18 teams registered will be guaranteed to be lodged in the immediate vicinity of the stadium (all trips are made on foot). The following teams will eventually be accommodated a little further, which will require taking a minibus or the tramway (maximum transport time 10 minutes). Teams will be informed of this fact upon registration. For any information on this subject, contact us by email at

For the deadline of March 15, 2020, the registered teams will inform by Comiti HoplaCup website the details of the athletes, coaches and official escorts. They will also pay the full fee per participant, of 185 € per person, according to the payment mode of their choice:

  • by bank transfer to the Mulhouse Water Polo bank account (Bank details below, Reference TEAM + name of the club)
  • by credit card via the software,
  • by cheque made out to Mulhouse Water Polo (posted to the treasurer, address sent upon request to
  • by ANCV holiday vouchers..




The fee of 185 € per person includes 6 meals, 3 nights with breakfast, participation in the tournament and animations, welcome bag with t-shirt and water bottle.

In case of withdrawal of the team before April 15, 2020, the club will refund 50% of the costs per person. No refunds will be made after this date. In case of withdrawal before May 15 of a player for medical reasons or force majeure (duly justified), the club will only refund the participation of this player. No refunds will be made after this date.

Any payment will result in the issue of an invoice to be downloaded on the Comiti HoplaCup registration website.

In case of any problem or question concerning the registration via the website, do not hesitate to send an email to

In the athletes and coaches registrations, it will be necessary to specify:

  • surnames, first names, gender and date of birth of athletes and coaches,
  • Coaching contact information (email and mobile number),
  • the desired t-shirt sizes,
  • the type of meal desired (standard, without meat, special allergies),
  • the option "picnic for Monday night", if applicable,
  • the license number for the French clubs (for foreign clubs, the photocopy of each player's identity card is required),
  • parental consent for the right to image and the data processing of data 






Tournament schedule, meal options:

The first match of the tournament will start on Friday, May 29, 2020 at 5 pm (time to be confirmed, depending on the number of teams registered). It would be desirable for the teams to be present at the tournament venue before 3pm, in order to be able to pick up the welcome bags and accommodation and catering pack before the start of the tournament, and to be able to change and warm up appropriately before the first match. A reception will be provided from 1pm. A technical meeting for coaches will be scheduled at 4pm.

The final of the tournament will be scheduled at 11am on Monday 1st June 2020, and the awards ceremony at 12 o'clock. All teams will be invited to attend the awards ceremony. Each team will be rewarded (cup and medal), according to its final ranking. HOPLA CUP will finish at 13h.

For lunch on Monday, a picnic basket is provided for all teams. Fees are included in the fees paid by each participant. It can be taken on site or taken away.

Teams wishing to do so will be able to bring ice coolers or cold packs (marked on behalf of the team) on Sundays to the tournament catering service, which will put the picnic into the containers provided.

For those who have a long way to go, we offer, for a supplement of 7 € per person, the possibility of reserving a packed lunch for Monday evening. It will be collected by each team at 12 o'clock at the tournament venue and may be charged for the trip in the manner specified above. This lunch box is to be paid before the tournament via the registration website.

Tournament Location :

Tournament Location –stade nautique- and / or indoor - Illberg swimming pool), 51, boulevard Charles STOESSEL 68200 Mulhouse FRANCE.

Places of accommodation and catering: 

 Meals will be taken at the University Restaurant of the University of Haute Alsace. The teams will be divided into different accommodations: Regional Sports Center of Alsace, Hostel of Mulhouse, rental of Camping de l'Ill ***. These places are all grouped around the Stade Nautique of Mulhouse.

Transports :

At the tournament venue, parking is free and easy.

From the moment the team is on the site, all movements can be made on foot (accommodation and restaurants in a radius of 5 to 10 minutes from the pool on foot).

Access to the sport center stade nautique from the station is easy and the Mulhouse Water Polo can, on request and subject to availability, provide free shuttle between the station and the water stade nautique. The nearest airport is Euroairport (Basel-Mulhouse).

Participation des familles :

Parents and relatives of the players are welcome at the Hopla Cup. A match is always more interesting with supporters! To the extent of the available places, the Hopla Cup Committee can offer them various formulas:

  • access to the pool during the tournament,
  • access to the pool during the tournament  restoration,
  • access to the pool during the tournament, catering, accommodation near the pool (rooms or university studios or cottages in the campsite),
  • access to the pool during the tournament, catering, accommodation in hotels (car needed or service by tram-bus network of the city of Mulhouse)




Rates vary according to the chosen formula.


Interested parents are kindly requested to contact us at We will answer them according to the places still available at that moment. Registrations will also be made on Comiti HoplaCup website and payment will be made by credit card via the website, by transfer, cheque or ANCV holiday voucher.

 Mulhouse Water Polo Bank account number (SEPA) :